Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Canis Major Dog Training

I have had a dog training company running part time since my graduation at National K-9. At the beginning of this month however I launched my company, Canis Major Dog Training, as a full time training business.

MANY, MANY thanks to the help of Christopher for designing the company's new logo (does the bust look like any familiar beauceron?) & Tj for designing the new website, A dog blog can also be found at as well. We're also on facebook, but sorry folks, no twitter yet.

Check out the new sites & come back often as we continue to build something better out of something already great!


Belle said...

Love the logo and blogspot, but you can barely read the blue words on the right hand side of the page. Love the photos too.

Anonymous said...

I agree. You need to change the color of the words on the right side of your blog. Very hard to read.
Love ya sweetie,

Holly Rae said...

Thanks for the great feedback guys! I changed the color scheme of the blog a little. Let me know if it's more readable!