Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not for the Weak of Heart

As the title says, these pics are not for my parents or the weak of heart. Today was the first, and probably only time I will have gotten to go into an acutal cage w/ a tiger. I am sitting w/ Firebug feeding her her bottle. In the two other pictures, on is of Heidi Berri, my boss, and in the final photo is just to show how massive in size these animals really are. My friend Matthew is feeding Tigger on his hind legs. Matther is a litle over 6 ft tall. And as you can see, Tigger is so much bigger than he is. Getting a feel for how powerful these animals truely are?
I love and miss everyone! And I hope ya'll are enjoying the photos. Keep up w/ the comments and writing, it truely does help! Love! *muah*

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Pic of Me

Here are two pics of me, even tho I hate having my pic taken especially when I don't even have time to groom myself ever! I'm prob not gonna wanna put to many of me up b/c I barely have time to brush my own hair in the morning! I am taking a week of rest when I get home to primp and be girly! I hope Cindy H. will still let me use my massage coupon!

Friday, May 19, 2006

A Long Overdue Thanks

I would like to thank a Mr. Woody and Mary Jane Rush as well as a Rev. Jim and Carol Ann Stone. On my travels down to Texas I stayed in the cabin located behind the Rush's house and in the guest bedroom of the Stone's house. Both couples were wonderful to stay with and I GREATLY appreciate everything that they have done for me! Posted below are pictures of both!

A Lot of Hours

Yet another day that I will get to sleep at exactly midnight. That makes 2 so far I guess. Without National Geographic here filming today, our plans completely changed and I actually had a good amount of time to get some work done for school. So I spent my only free time today filling out paperwork for the internship hours at DelVal so that I can count these hours towards graduation. In 5 days I have already racked up 76 hours worth of work. At this rate I will have not only the 960 required by my school, but I will leave here with well over 1,000. Kristine (that is the other intern) went to Wal*Mart tonight and I gave her some $$ for a few CD-RW's so this way I will be able to constanly keep up w/ pics as long as I have the time! I love and miss ya'll but it's time for sleep tonight! *muah*

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baby Pictures!

I know everyone has been waiting for these, here are some pics of the four cubs that I am not only taking care of this summer, but sharing my living quarters with as well. There are three boys: Jake, Luka, & JP, and 1 girl: Aluschia. Luka and Aluschia are named after fashion designers and JP is named after the founder of 7-11. This was done in hopes that these very wealthy persons will donate money to the shelter. Jake was named after an older cat here at the center who is in poor health due to the fact that when he was younger he was declawed. This does not work well in these cats and he walks funny and has a lot of major health problems. Enjoy the pics! They are cute in the pics, but man do they have claws! *muah*

With the Good Comes the Bad

So, after three weeks of planning and thousands of dollars, the documentary for National Geographic did not go as planned and there will be no publicity for C.A.R.E. This is really sad. I am sorry to hear it. They were supposed to also be filming tomorrow, but that is now no longer happening. The experiments have failed on all three of the animals and the film crew could not get any footage worth saving. On a good note tho, things will finally start to slow down and I won't be working very many more 17 hour days. Yay! I miss everyone dearly back home so I finally got some pics taken today and I really hope you enjoy them. I will admit, I was a little... okay really homesick the first three days but I think now it is finally starting to go away... just a little bit. Keep sending the love via e-mail: or, by phone: 814.233.xxxx, or by mail: Holly Groff 245 County Road 3422 Bridgeport, Texas 76426. Enjoy the pics ya'll. And don't worry, I'm in good hands down here, I am meeting a lot of really nice people. I actually met a girl that is interning at a place about 15 minutes from here and she is a graduate from Uniontown High School. Small world! She knows a lot of the people that I know like the Brauns and the Bungards. Who knew? *muah*

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I made it okay!

Heya all, well I made it to texas monday at around 2 in the afternoon with little trouble. I went to work right away and didn't stop until around 2 in the am. I was back up at 7:30 today to make sure the babies had their food. This is the first break I've taken and it was just to scarf down a quick bite to eat, balance my check book from the way down here, and get online quick to check my e-mail. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am okay, well, that is if you exclude a few of the gashes in my arm from the cubs. I've already fed, watered, cleaned cages, and butchered. And already I've been peed on, pooped on, vomited on, and bled on... All I have to say is that I picked the right career choice for me. I don't have any pics at this time. Ya'll will have to wait till I get a day off (8 days from now) to take some pics and actually unload my car. National Geographic is here this week and there there is a retreat this weekend. I love you all and don't forget to keep in touch!
P.s. keep the williams family in your prayers as they traveled to Cancun, Mexico today to celebrate the wedding of Curtis and Jama. I hope they enjoy their trip and have safe travels! *muah*

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Saying goodbye to Mom & Dad

On Thursday Momma & Pappa Bear came by DelVal to say goodbye to Baby Bear. We went shopping for the neccessities, plenty of hugs were exchanged, and just as quickly as they came, it was time to say goodbye to Mom and Pops. I had a great two days with them. We even spent Friday night w/ the Williams family. Mom and Dad, I love you both, and I'll see you in August for that short week when we're not only expecting a baby, but your own little "baby" will be turning twenty... I guess there's no going back now. Thanx for showing me the world outside of Confluence and helping me prove to myself that I can get out of that narrow-minded box. (*wink* mom) That is all for now. I recieved a new digital camera and will start getting pictures up ASAP. I'm out and over, err... over and out. Love. *muah*
p.s. my closest friends will know that I HATE... no... LOATHE! shoe shopping. And this past winter I finally threw out the ungly green things that were held together by duct tape on my feet and mom bought me a brand new pair of shoes for Texas that are rough and tumble. I think they will be able to withstand even a tiger chewing on them. Thanx mom!