Thursday, April 19, 2007

Computers = Frustration

Hello all! I know that there has been a lot going on in my life recently, yet I've had hardly any posts. Unfortinately my computer after nearly 9 hard years of being a good computer is quickly starting to die on me. Being in college sort of pinches my finances so until I can scrap together enough money to get another computer it's going to continue to be difficult for me to update regularly.
After visiting the campus during my spring break & putting a lot of thought into where I am in my life and where I want to be when I graduate, I decided to apply to the University of Montana. Last week I found that I was accepted in the their Wildlife Biology program & not including this spring semester 44 of my 48 credits will transfer! If all of my credits from this semester transfer as well I will have 60 credits altogether and be counted as a Junior as well as be right on schedule w/ graduating in the year 2009. My only difficulty right now is trying to come up w/ the finances to pay for out-of-state tuition as I will be loosing a lot of money in scholarships that cannot follow me out west. If you hear of any scholarships that I could possibly apply for, do pass on the word by e-mailing me @ (take note that my college e-mail has changed from @devalcol to @delval)
Next on my list is to get through the next two weeks of classes (I can't believe there are only two weeks left!!!) & then finally a week of finals. I'll be headed home for a week of rest then come May 19th I've taken a friends offer of housing & will be moving to Columbus, Ohio for the summer with the intent of making as much money as possible. I will be staying with my friend Tj for the summer but living w/in thirty minutes of both my older brother & his family, as well as my sister. I haven't lived this close to both of them since my brother graduated in '99 so this should make for an interesting summer (love you both!). Hopefully since Tj is a computer geek (sorry Tj, there is no other way to describe you so easily) I will have a little more luck w/ his computer on posting and possibly spare chucking my own computer out of a window.
Christopher sent me this photo he took the other day while doing a photo shoot at a wolf preserve out in Montana. He took it w/ film and developed this first print exactly the way he wanted to on the first try. This is a scanned copy so I'm sure the original is much more beautiful.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring Break '07

I have a lot of pictures to share from Spring Break '07, unfortinately my computer is very old and quickly failing. In order to prevent a devastating loss of all my 1,000+ photos that I keep on it, I had them all removed and put on Christopher's external hard drive for safe keeping. Unfortinatley b/c of my computer's failing health, it is very difficult as well as a long process for me to update my blog now. I just happened to have these pictures in my e-mail b/c I was sending them to Christopher, so I hope you can atleast enjoy these until I get the money for a new computer. This may take some time :-( .

New pictures! I finally got my new computer so here I am posting some new photos from spring break last year! (9.26.07)