Friday, June 26, 2009

Vet Appointment

Bosco had a vet appointment today. He weighed in at 27 lbs & will be 13 weeks on Sunday. He checked out all clear & got plenty of attention at the vets office, just like he does everywhere else that we going, seeing as how he is so unique. His ears haven't come up yet, but as you can see in this picture, I can put them up at night while he is sleepy & they will stay up till he shakes his head. I told him to enjoy this time on my bed b/c it'll be his last.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Today, after a moving job w/ Cameron up in Hamilton (Christopher & Cameron have their own moving company, but since Chris is in Boulder for the summer I may be filling in once in a while) Cameron & I went for a climb in Kootenai Pass. We attempted a climb called Town Pump, a 5-11b climb that can either be top roped or lead climbed. Since I haven't learned lead climbing yet (soon tho!) Cameron put up a top rope & we took off up the rock face. Kelly met us up there w/ Clyde (her dog) & Bosco. Bosco champed out the extreme uphill hike to the rock face, even after Kelly led them three miles astray down the wrong path. All in all is was a great way to spend the day w/ good souls, whether two or four legged.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Just a few pics of the pups enjoying their new bed. To bad he won't stay this tiny forever! I'll have to buy another one of these beds in the not to distant future.

Brennan's Wave

Brennan's Wave is a man made kayaking hot spot in Missoula. The wave was created in 2006 to honor the memory of a local Missoulian who was killed doing what he loved, kayaking. The wave took 5 years and over 300,000 dollars in donated time & services to be created.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Skyler Turns 2

My little girl turned 2 years old today. Although she is a dog w/ characters of a 9 year old, until today she was officially still a puppy.

She spend the morning riding around lost in the mountains w/ me as we tried to find a clients house. We never did find the house but it made for an interesting drive into the mountains w/ some beautiful scenery. At one point (okay so maybe it was more like 4, but we were lost!) we drove over this old bridge where you had to stay on the wooden planks that ran down the middle of it. After the rest of my training appointments were finished Skyler & I walked downtown to Big Dipper, an ice cream joint in Missoula, w/ some friends. They hand out free ice cream cones to dogs, and even though I don't normally let my dogs eat people food, today was a special occasion. Skyler got her very first ice cream cone & she LOVED it.We walked the Kim Williams trail most of the way back to our house, stopping to let the dogs play along the way. Happy Birthday Skyler!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Skyler & Bosco - Big Sister & Little Brother

Skyler, Bosco, & I spent Sunday morning taking a nice long walk & then playing in the yard, before I headed to work. It was a great bonding experience for the three of us as we quickly become a tight knit family.

Desoto Boscarelli de Nanrox

Thursday night I traveled to Calgary, Canada. I spent the night alone in a hotel before leaving for the Calgary airport the next morning. Bosco's plane landed early so we arrived at the airport at the same time. We played w/ some employees at the hangar before getting back in the car & driving back to Missoula. We made a few pit stops to potty & walk around, but the most important one was right after we crossed the border back into not only Montana, but the United States! He was finally walking on American soil. The drive 8 hour home was a breeze, but we were both happy to be out of a car!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

He'll Be Here Soon

If all goes according to plan with the bank tomorrow, Boscarelli will be here on Friday! I'll be picking him up from the airport in Calgary, Canada Friday afternoon & bringing him home that night.