Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bird Ridge

The Steeler's were losing. To the Buccaneers! Despite still feeling worn down from a head cold this week I couldn't sit on the couch any longer and continue to watch terrible football.

I packed my Ruger and the Bosco into the Subaru & we took off for a hike just a few miles south of Anchorage.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reed Lakes Trail

Short on time, but still wanting to get out and hit up a trail for a few miles, Bosco & I took off in the Subaru for a trailhead halfway up Hatcher Pass the week before. Despite the rainy drizzle the skies continually let loose on me (this is nothing new for Anchorage. As I've said before, it rains here. A lot.) it was a stellar decision. Fall is an amazing time to be in Alaska as the tundra is showing off her color palate like no other. Fiery oranges, deep reds, stunning golds, and a splash of green swirl and dance all over the earth in on a landscape built like no other. The valley we were heading down paralleled and even crossed over several beaver dams. It looked stunning at every angle and it made the hike seem effortless.

I was so enamored with this place that the very next weekend, even though I now was diseased with the same sickness Brian had contracted the week before, I drug my tired, loopy butt back out into this canyon so I could show my [now healthier] husband. Despite the misery I was feeling this time around, we trekked further into the canyon to be able to sit and relax next to the shores of the lower of the Reed Lakes. A storm forced us back down and out to the car before we could reach Upper Reed Lake, but we will meet again. (Although I can't say I wasn't happy to turn around with how crummy I was feeling.)

Oh, and Daddio: Bucket wanted to say Hi. She hasn't made an appearance in forever.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Hatcher Pass

Three day weekends! Woohoo! This whole no work on Monday thing is still something I'm getting used to. Oh, did I mention my job asked me to start full time in September? Well they did and I'm back in the saddle as a full time working woman. I am so thankful for the job I have as well as the co-workers and boss I have now too. They're amazing. A perk of my new hours is only working 4 day work weeks. So after Brian heads off to work for the day on Monday morning, Bosco & I usually try and get ourselves into some sort of adventure.

Some days are only filled with domestic adventures - mowing the lawn, weeding the flowers, tidying up the house, etc. This morning I woke up w/ the sun in my eyes and an itch for driving. (Sometimes I like to drive, in case you haven't noticed.) Despite having a to-do list a mile long, the need to go somewhere overtook me. So I packed a day bag, threw some clothes on and the beauceron in the car and off we went. 

I've heard a few people mention a place called Hatcher Pass in my few months here so despite the oncoming rain, we headed in that direction. Even with the overcast skies I could not have picked a better drive to soothe my restlessness. 

Up, up, up, we climbed along a winding road until we came to an old abandoned mine tucked in the mountains. Independence Mine, as I learned it was named as we strolled along the walking path, was Alaska's 2nd biggest load mine in Alaska's history. It flourished in the 1930's-1940's but many of the buildings still remain as historical and educational markers.

After fully exploring the mines many trails, we hopped back in the Subaru and finished the trek up to the top of the pass. On a clear day one should have a spectacular view of the mountains, but we had no such luck with our grey skies and intermittent rain today.

We wound our way back down the mountain opposite the way we came and finally picked the Parks Highway back up in Willow. I'm most certainly going to have to explore the top of this pass further under more favorable weather.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Mt. Baldy

I finally made it out to Eagle River to hike up the notorious Mt. Baldy. Not that ER is terribly far away or anything, but until my friend Lydia gave me the street name to get up to the trail head, I had no idea how to reach the well known peak. The skies were crystal clear on this particular day and Denali was view-able even before I stepped foot out of my car.

Sadly, as this was an impromptu adventure on a restless Sunday afternoon, I did not grab my camera or have very much charge left on my phone. It died about 1/2 way up the mountain but trust me when I say the view from the top was incredible. My camera or phone probably wouldn't have done it justice anyways.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Nope, for once those initials don't stand for Irish Trash Can. Not this time at least. This time they have a little more meaning than my favorite impending crazy night on the town drink. For my birthday I bought myself a year membership for the Iditarod Trail Committee. My membership card & badge came in this week and I'm ready for the snow to start falling.