Friday, February 26, 2010

Deadman's Point

The weather has been absolutely phenomenal around Missoula this week. While my family back east has been sending me daily reports of the insane amount of snow they're getting Missoula has temperatures have been hanging around in the mid 40's this week.

Bosco & I set our sights on Deadman's Point, a peak on the edge of the Blue Mountain recreation area on the outskirts of Missoula. The road was closed about 2 1/2 miles from the trail head so we started hiking a bit earlier than anticipated. The road offers some awesome views of the Missoula Valley through the trees.

We didn't make it the entire way to Deadman's Point due to the 5 extra miles (the trail itself was just under 6 miles) we weren't expecting to hike. We made it about 25 minutes from the peak when the woods started to get a little to dark for my liking.

I hope this beautiful weather stays around till next week when my next days off are. Heck, I hope it decides to just stick around for an early summer.

M.O.E.'s Website

MOE has their site up and running! Check it out:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm not one for talking on the phone much so when I was moving to Texas to work with the big cats, I started this blog to keep my parents posted on, well, on the fact that I was still alive. So Saving the World (One Animal at a Time) came to be.

My life has taken some incredible turns since the birth of this blog. Some of them expected, some of them not, some happy, some sad, but along the way I've met some pretty incredible people and have gotten to know the people already in my life a little more.

With all the changes that have taken part in my life I decided that I am now, and have been through several new chapters in my book of life. So, (This is) The Story of a Girl is born to take my followers through the next few years of my life.

As always, thanks for reading.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

4 Generations

Gommy, Momma Bear, Seester, & GrizBug

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Forester's Ball

The entire gym is turned into an old western town, complete with jail, saloons, photo studio, wedding chapel, and more. I wish I had a better photo to illustrate this!
We have no idea who the drunk kid is that decided he needed to be in our picture but found this pretty amusing

The Foresters’ Ball is a 90-year-old tradition that was originally, and still is, a scholarship fundraiser for students who volunteer their time, regardless of their major or departmental affiliation. Past figures for total annual scholarships awarded have been in excess of $6,000. In recent years, the Foresters’ Ball has helped raise money for other student organizations. The Wildlife Society uses money raised while operating the jail at the Ball to attend statewide conferences. For Kappa Kappa Gamma, providing services at the chapel is their biggest fundraiser of the year. The sorority donates the profits to the Camp-Mak-A-Dream Foundation. This year, the Foresters’ Ball increased the organizations that benefit from the proceeds to include the Humane Society of Western Montana, donating nearly $400 in pet supplies and money.

The Foresters’ Ball is a themed dance. However, within that theme, it offers an experience that is entirely unique to Missoula, the state of Montana and to my knowledge, the rest of the world. For nearly a year, the student committee responsible for hosting the upcoming Ball enlists the help of other students, alumni, and the western Montana community.

Without the support of these individuals and businesses, the Foresters’ Ball would not be possible. Thousands of person-hours are donated to ensure the success of the ball, as well as service and material donations from local businesses that are used in producing the Foresters’ Ball. Keeping this community-based attitude, the Foresters’ Ball has consistently elected to hire local musicians to provide the entertainment, even if they are a “country-rock bar band.” All of this effort culminates in two nights of celebration on the largest dance floor in Montana.

Note: The above was taken from a letter written to the Montana Kaimin (Thursday, December 06, 2007) by Leah Jones, the 'Chief Push' for the 90th Foresters' Ball and Alex Williams

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thiiiiis Much!

When I asked Karley Jane how much she loved her Aunt Holly, she replied:
"Thiiiiiiis much!"Love you too Karley!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Home Again

Although I was only home for a short while to celebrate a friend's life, I decided now was as good as time as any to take some photos with the family since we were all once again together.
My brother & I needed to get out of the house so we went geocaching. Cranberry Lake was drained this winter to kill some of the noxious weeds so we took the opportunity to do one that would normally be hiding in the lake.

May Angels Lead You In

Life is short. You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.

The world lost a great man this week. Michael A. “Mitch” Hartman, a very dear friend to myself & my family was killed in a freak vehicular accident on Thursday when a tree landed on his vehicle as he was driving down Route 281.

Like many others, I was stunned and deeply saddened by this news. Well over 500 people waited in line at his viewing just to say one final farewell.

Mitch was a big personality in my hometown. He was a husband, father, brother, son, local business owner, coach, hunting partner, neighbor, and friend.

Although I am sad to see him go, I am thankful for the memories I will forever have of Mitch. ~ Seeing him dressed as a woman for losing a bet to our basketball team when we beat Conemaugh Township for the first time ~ The Terrible 5 ~ New Years Eves ~ Drawing our basketball play on his belly w/ a marker when he couldn't get a dry erase board quick enough ~ My first job ~ Memorial & Labor Day picnics in the field ~ Playing banjo w/ his brothers ~ are just a few. There are to many to count in my almost 24 years of life which he was a part of almost on a daily basis, even after I moved far, far away from home.
He was like a father to me & will always hold a special place in my heart. On sleepless road the sleepless go, may angels lead you in.