Monday, May 18, 2015

Eklutna Lake Play Date

Both Brian & I found ourselves with the afternoon off so we accepted the invitation from one of this coworkers to meet he & his wife at a nearby lake to enjoy the spectacular weather.

Bosco was more than excited to finally be out and enjoying the nice weather himself since he's been stuck inside the last few weeks due to an overwhelmingly busy schedule. 

Hopefully we have many more days like this to come this summer.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gold Nugget

My knees, which are well known for being grumpy when running/biking/hiking/essentially doing anything of distance, were hurting, but I pushed on. The pavement was on a downhill slop at that point and all I had to do was keep moving my feet forward. Gravity would take it from there and do the rest. A quarter of a mile and two quick turns later I found myself running down the finishers chute, just seconds away from finishing my first triathlon. 

Less than two hours earlier I was standing in a line of some 1600 other women in nothing but a tight spandex tri suite and swim cap pained like a sugar skull waiting for my turn to start. I was thinking about what ever possessed me to think that any of this was a good idea. Only two words kept coming to mind. Happy & fat.

Happy fat. Also known to some as that 'little' bit of weight one acquires at the beginning of a relationship, when you start filling your time with Netflix binges and dinners out with your significant other when it used to be filled with  trips to the gym after work and sleepless runs at midnight. Getting married, moving to Alaska, changing jobs, were not the only lifestyle changes that took place for me last year. I also went from clean eating to adopting the more free eating habits of my husband and opting to skip most of my trips to the gym to hang with my beloved on the couch watching movies. While I don't regret the time we've spent together doing these things, I have been watching in horror as my body has also decided it was going to do some changing of its own as a result of these new [sometimes bad] habits. One day during the miserable, snowless winter (which DID NOT help. I love playing in the snow, but when there is none and only coldness, I'm not motivated to get myself outside) I decided I'd had enough. So I convinced my friend Cally to sign up for a local, all women's triathlon with me. 

We've spent the last couple of months training, which brought me to crossing the finish line of my very first triathlon. Sure, I'm not back at my desired weight, but the process was fun and the experience was far more rewarding than numbers on a scale. Perhaps this isn't my last tri either. I guess time will tell...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bucket Turns 1

Being the dog person that I am, I never thought I'd ever really have a cat. I also never thought I would have one that I liked so much. 

Today is Bucket's first birthday & we had to celebrate in style. So we cooked up some BBQ, had a picnic outside in the beautiful spring weather, and enjoyed the fresh air. Bosco munched on a bone while Bucket sauntered around and chewed on long grasses.

Happy first birthday Bucket cat!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Momma Bennett Come to Alaska

We had the pleasure of Brian's mom visiting us for a few days this past week.

Despite not having much of a plan we had a phenomenal time showing her around our new home state.

Brian was at the airport waiting for her when her plan touched down Friday afternoon. They promptly came to where I work & picked me up for lunch. After a quick catch up, we downed some food and they dropped me back off at work. Brian gave him mom the tour of Anchorage and the base.

The next day we headed for Matanuska glacier, where we spent the better part of the day climbing around the face of the glacier.

On the way home we drove as far as we could go up Hatcher Pass to take in the view. Most of the road will be closed until early July and despite the terrible snowfall this winter, several people were still skiing and snow machining at the top.

After sleeping in the next morning we set our signs south of Anchorage and toured the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where we got up close and personal with the furry natives of Alaska.

When we had our fill of the rehabbing animals of the AWCC we pointed the car towards the Byron Glacier trail and set out for a short but beautiful hike.

Since the skies had cleared on the last day of her trip, we took Momma Bennett out to Talkeetna to not only walk around the tiny town but for uninhibited views of Denali, who was out in rare form, showing herself from base to summit.

If she didn't have a great time with us here in Alaska, we can at least say we wore her out as we didn't stop moving the entire time. My kind of trip indeed! I'm a huge believer that vacations are for exploring and adventuring - you can rest when you get home! We love & miss you Momma Bennett & look forward to our next get together. Xoxo.