Monday, June 24, 2013

Dog Show

For me, this is heaven. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jewel Basin

 Needing to make the most of the short Montana summers, I found myself out of work earlier than usual on a Saturday and headed for the mountains. My initial plan was a short 5 mile loop that overlooked a lake in the Jewel Basin just north east of Flathead Lake. However, due the the amount of snow we were experiencing along our route, we set our sights for a peak along the ridge line we were supposed to be following and changed course.

After a short but steep hike to the top of the unknown peak, we threw off our packs and played in the snow.

There aren't many places you can build snowmen in June. Or do snow angels. So of course both had to be done.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Horsing Around

 I've been looking after a friends horses while they're out of town. Bosco & I have both been enjoying our quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) time out in the barn w/ Butter, Scottie & Crescent. 

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a 186 acre alpine lake on the outskirts of the Mission Mountain Wilderness. Since our snow pack was fairly insignificant this year, I thought I'd test my luck at some higher elevations a little earlier than normal. So after breakfast at the farmer's market, my friend Ryan and I set off down Highway 200 in the Baja ready for adventure. 
Our initial plan was to hike to a different lake in the same area, but after a slight confusion we found ourselves at the trailhead for Crystal Lake. Already ten miles down a forest service road, we decided to stay where we were at and descend the almost 1,000 feet to Crystal Lake.
The trail was beautiful and lush this time of year and, with the exception of a few small patches of snow,  perfectly clear. We even spotted a little wildlife along the way too.

My favorite part of this trail were the numerous log bridges/walkways constructed over the marshy areas of the trail.
The lake was a beautiful setting to relax on the warm rocks and do a little sunbathing. Until your sopping wet beauceron that has been swimming in the ice cold water decided to join you on said rock.
After spending part of the day exploring the shores of this beautiful lake we decided it was time to make the 2 trek back up to the Baja. It wasn't without a few breaks to stop and smell amazing scents of the beautiful ponderosa forest and the flowers.

Of course, no day in the summer in Missoula is complete w/ out a trip to Big Dipper.