Sunday, May 13, 2012

Big Creek Trail

Another beautiful day for an adventure! Becky & I saddled up the horses & once again attempted the trail that put us in a compromising situation & led to the death of my camera. The "cliff of death" however was free of all snow & ice this trip. I am still however w/out a camera. *insert sad face here*

The day was beautiful & since temps were expected to be in the mid 80's we took off early in the morning for out 7.5 mile ride.

Big Creek Trail winds along the mountainside next to Big Creek for a few miles to several white sand beaches near wide, slow moving sections of the creek.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful looking creek. Does it have trout? What kind? Cutts, bows, cuttbows, brookies?????

Anonymous said...

More Stupidhorses.
Those wildflowers look like some sort of western Trillium maybe?