Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Grizmas Griz Nation

Although our boys did not take home the national title no one from Griz Nation can deny that they are damn proud of these guys. The Montana Grizzlies went 14-1.
& yes, all my dogs gear up for Griz game days as well.


annienz said...

'course the canines are going to support your team!! What sport was the game - I am completely ignorant about American sports ..... come to think of it.... I don't know much about our local New Zealand sport and teams either ....... LOL!


Holly Rae said...

Football of the American variety. Our college team was in the national championships but unfortunately didn't come out w/ the win.

Anonymous said...

Stupidogs wear purple? Uuuggggleeee!

annienz said...

Thanks Holly! I must say that American football looks kind of scarey!