Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Doggin it Missoula

Christopher's pup, Schuck Handsome, decided Chris has been doing too many kool photo stories and wanted in on some of the action. So Schuck borrowed Chris' camera equipment & set out to do his own little project.
If you've ever been to Missoula, Montana, you already know what it means to be in love. What most people do not know is that Missoula is not only a mecca for people but for their canine companions as well. See for yourself through the eyes of Schuck.
This is Schuck's story. Enjoy.


annienz said...

that is one talented dog!!! Great camera work indeed! we are impressed and inspired.

Annie ( and Ruger & Neve!)

Anonymous said...

Shuck Handsome,

You had to throw in the picture of the squirrels didn't youi. Queenie keeps thinking "Squirrels huh." Now she wants to come along next year.