Thursday, October 15, 2009

Above the Clouds

Although I've attempted it a couple times now, I've never completed the Saddle Loop train on the top of the backside of Mount Jumbo. Today was no exception. I took a wrong turn about half way through that cut the trip a little short. There is normally an awesome view of the Missoula Valley, but with all the clouds there wasn't too much of a view. Maybe next time I'll finish it completely and get some nicer photos. I had better hurry up tho b/c the trail closes after the 1st of December for elk habitat.


Anonymous said...

WHAT! No stupidogs in any picture! What is going on out there?

Holly Rae said...

Okay, now that you're complaining about it the dog pictures will come double time!

Anonymous said...

Me and my biug mouth. :(