Saturday, March 12, 2011

Run for the Luck of It

Not having run a race since Karina & I ran the Muddy Foot Trail Run in Ohio together back in November, I decided it was time to jump into one just to see where I was with my training (I have full intentions of running in & am registered for the Missoula Marathon on July 11th). So I talked my friend Bryce into doing his first race & we registered together for the RWM Run for the Luck of It.

Bryce of course killed it (he finished ahead of my by a few minutes so I don't know his time) & I finished w/ a 31:04 time. Running is probably one of the first things that I don't do competitively. I do it for myself b/c I feel amazing after a run, no matter the distance or time. I've been keeping a 10 min mile pace for the past few weeks now & am really happy w/ this time.

Since I'm still currently job hunting I won't be doing any more races until after I've secured a job. I will try & keep everyone updated w/ my marathon training tho.

UPDATE 3/15/11: Bryce finished overall male #84 w/ an official time of 26:58! I completed overall female #158 w/ an official time of 31:04. There were over 500 people registered for this race. You can also CLICK HERE to watch a video of the race by my friend Brooke (who also just happened to be the #1 female finisher!). I'm in the video about to cross the finish line @ one point too!


Anonymous said...

So this is a boy? Wih his ARM around you? What are his motves?Where is my gun... lol
Mayb I'll run one with you in August! LOL

Karina said...

Thank you for the gratuitous plug to my blog! :-)
Great job at the race, B! That is why I run, too - for the feeling I get when I cross the finish line. I like to keep track of my times, but the next time we run together I will stay with you all the way (which means I need to save money for a plane ticket and sign up for a late summer race with you)! ;-)