Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lake Como - Bosco's Birthday Hike

Bosco turns 1 on the 29th of this month so we threw him a little party today on our hike. Before anyone says anything, yes, I have little birthday parties for my dogs. And no, I do not care what anyone says about that. :-)
Kristin & I took the six-pack, as we've so lovingly nicknamed them, up to Lake Como to do the 8 mile trail around the lake.

The trail stuck close to the lake's edge & offered some nice views to the waterfall the feeds the lake.
The sky threatened to dump on us the entire hike and although it did rain a fair amount it thankfully never drenched any of us.


Tim, Patty, & Kara Schmidjell said...

Wow,Bosco is "1"already. We always had a birthday cake and ice-cream for our dog growing up. They are part of the family. Be careful on all of your summer adventures. Take Care!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful views, beautiful cake & such handsome dogs.
We have special birthday food for the dogs most years too. My sister gave me a recipe book of healthy stuff to make for dogs as a Christmas present, so we will be trying so of those recipes this year!!

Anonymous said...

Do I spell this Stupidogcake or Stupicake?