Thursday, June 25, 2009

Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Today, after a moving job w/ Cameron up in Hamilton (Christopher & Cameron have their own moving company, but since Chris is in Boulder for the summer I may be filling in once in a while) Cameron & I went for a climb in Kootenai Pass. We attempted a climb called Town Pump, a 5-11b climb that can either be top roped or lead climbed. Since I haven't learned lead climbing yet (soon tho!) Cameron put up a top rope & we took off up the rock face. Kelly met us up there w/ Clyde (her dog) & Bosco. Bosco champed out the extreme uphill hike to the rock face, even after Kelly led them three miles astray down the wrong path. All in all is was a great way to spend the day w/ good souls, whether two or four legged.


Charlie said...

Looks like and awsome time! Wish I was there! :o(

Anonymous said...

The belt makes your butt look bigger...LOL

Kristen said...

I believe this is where you were dangling from when I called to tell you dad was out with The Bus. :)