Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Birthday

This past weekend, while Kirk was at a mandatory rookie musher's meeting in Anchorage, I held down the fort up at Seeley Lake. One of the dogs, Feather, an Alaskan Husky (different from a Siberian Husky) was pregnant and due any day. At about 6 in the am on Saturday morning it was time for the puppies to come into the world. Six little balls of fur emerged, 4 boys, 2 girls. The pic above is w/ one of the little guys just hours after birth. Mother and the puppies are doing fine.


Anonymous said...

Aaugh! More stupidogs!

kvlv said...

thank you for saying that an alaskan husky is not the same as a SIBERIAN HUSKY , i get me mad when tay confuse the breeds , because as you should know alskan huskys are not 100% purebreed they have mix lines in them to get better sled dogs , they are butiful but not pure of all other breeds . on the other hand siberians are purebreed and are allow in the akc ,ckc, etc