Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fall is in the Air

It's definitely starting to really feel like fall around here. The air is always so cold and crisp. Unlike, back in PA the falls out here are really pleasant b/c they are dry and not always damn and cold. It has been an awesome day for me b/c I have been in such a great mood. On my walk to class this morning I got the chance to play w/ a lil baby squirrel. I love squirrels. I trekked around Missoula for about an hour today on my bike just taking in the scenery.
I hope you enjoy the picture I took from across the street on campus.


Anonymous said...

You should let your father stay under your bed while in Montana.

Charlie said...

It's "damp and cold" not "damn and cold" What does damn and cold mean anyhow .. lol