Monday, April 17, 2006

The Begining

I'm starting this blog b/c on May 13th I will begin a journey in my life like no other. After a week of stretching my brain to the limits for Finals Week at DelVal College, I will begin the long trek to Texas. This is where I will "set up camp" for the summer as I begin my first internship doing what I do best, saving the world. One animal at a time people! Even a superheroin needs rest.
This will help to keep my friends and family up to date on the happenings in my life while I'm a few thousand miles away. And to keep the posted on photos so when they see the pics, I don't get about a million phone calls from the parents saying, "You did what?!"
I love you all, and I thank God everyday for the wonderful life he has given me. As well as for all the people he has placed in it. *muah* That's a kiss for all of you.
Guess this is it for now. I will keep ya'll posted when life takes that wild turn!



Anonymous said...

Holly Rae! I love you! Can't wait to read about your exciting adventures, even though I'll be missing you like crazy back home! You've been waiting your whole life for this, so live it up...I know you'll have a blast doing what you love to do!


curious christopher said...

as a wildlife enthusiast could you please tell me the exact species of mammal you are caressing in that there barnyard?

Charlie and Laura said...

Sis, yeah, what are you petting? Looks like a baby Bison.

Anonymous said...

Holly - Good luck on your excellent adventure. Great Blog - Doug Groff

Holly Rae said...

I am caressing a dwarf miniature pony, aka a dwarf dog/moose/buffalo thing as christopher and i would like to call it